Clematis Panel installed in it's temporary home .....,
Morning Glory panel on the floor of Mahogany Manor in Saint John, soon to join the clematis above the kitchen sink....
(there will be 5 panels for 5 different windows... the other three windows have panels that are on loan and will be removed as more panels arrive...
Guests have been getting the windows discribed to them at breakfast for the last 18 months....
At least now they finally have samples!
I did their dining room door in 2001, the border was designed to match an original stair well window...(circa 1890-1910) One guest analyzed both the orignal window and mine and said they were definitely done by the same maker.... OK so I'm a reincarnated glass artist... or G's version ... "I always knew you were a lot older than you claimed"!
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This set of 4 panels was commissioned for St Matthews Anglican Church, Tisdale Saskatchewan, and installed in June, 2004. It depicts Saint Matthew receiving instructions from the Angel. The lower panel is the "Memorial Panel" in memory of local residents Denis & Dorothea Phillips.
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These 5 panels were commissioned by a restaurant in Saskatoon, SK, to separate the bar from the seating area. The centre panel incorporates a large bevel cluster in the centre to give the bartender a view of the seating area. They were installed in 1995.
Approximately 12' wide by 4' high (total).
Photo by Grant Kernan
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Manitou Winds
Over the front entry of the 'Manitou Beach Bath House', Manitou Beach, SK.
6' high by 6' wide.
Photo by May Bowland
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A residential commission near Sundre, AB.
30" high by 60" wide.
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This room divider screen, titled Agony in Three Parts, so named because much of it was done while Lynne's arm was in a cast, was built in 1995. It won the Elizabeth Swift Award for 'Excellence in Glass' and 'Peoples Choice' at Dimensions '95 the Saskatchewan Craft Council's annual juried show.
66" high by 45" wide. SOLD
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Fish Dreaming is a fireplace screen built in 1999 from recycled plumbing pipe. The heron was sandblasted and then colored with pencil crayon.
Approximately 3' by 3'. SOLD
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This is one of a nine decorative fused plates commissioned as player awards for the World Junior Women's Volleyball Championships, played in Saskatoon in 1999.
10" diameter.
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