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December 16, 2021-
Guess this page hasn't been updated for a few years the summer of 2018 was back when our lives were normal... it is now Christmas 2021 in the time of Covid or the celebration of the second season of LEON...
someone is slightly dyslexic and put her noel sign in the front window backwards last year so did it again this year intentionally!
I will be closed on Saturday Dec 18th open Sunday and all week by appointment!
I discovered yesterday that I hadn't paid my bill for my domain name... so if you have tried to load this website in the last week you would have got a totally irrelevant page suggesting things you might like to go to instead!

July 23 2018-
Open most days during the Summer of 2018 I will be closed July 28 sailing in the Rum Runner race off the coast of Maine with my husband!
I am crewing on my husbands sailboat for PYC races this summer so if the weather is nice and there is a race I probably won't be open
Passamaquoddy Race Schedule 2018
Remember if the flags are out I'm open don't believe your husband when he comes down and tries the door and says it's locked!

Well we won the Roosevelt Cup... As someone said to my husband it's embarassing when sailing races get won by someone who grew up in SK you can't get much more Prairie than that!

July 7 2018-
So far today it's almost cool compared to the last three days here Wednesday it made it to 37 degrees C that's 100F and there was no breeze! We have a new patio at the front of the house which is mostly in the shade so I got to try it out on Wednesday, unfortunately the Deer Flies and the mosquitoes thought it was a pleasant place to hang out too!

June 26 2018-
I'm back again... this time we couldn't even remember how to log in forget not knowing the password! Summer officially started last week and today we have sun. So far the deer seem to be eating day lilies and weeds.. wish they would concentrate on the weeds and leave my lilies alone! Lets see if I can keep this updated this summer!

There have been a few updates on my blog since October of 2015 they are somewhat random too though Islandgirls Insights

October 27,2015-
I'm back... took us 90 minutes to break into the webhost... they changed my password because it wasn't secure enough....

One of many pieces of jewelry that got made in 2015 and will be added to my ever increasing HORD of OAK pieces. The story behind the piece I was sent two pieces of copper by Art Jewelry Magazine that had been 'deformed' with a hydrolic press.. we were to transform them into pieces of jewelry. I enameled mine and then added enameled red poppies to it. The rest of the pieces can be found here Die-forming Challenge

Well I think that's enough excitement for one morning.. will attempt to sort and upload a few pictures from our recent trip to Greece, tuscany, Zurich, and Iceland.. still trying to thaw out from Iceland... of course I was wearing flip flops and all the Japanese tourists were wearing dawn jackets with fur trimmed hoods....
May 11 2014-
Happy Mother's Day My annual update...A year in pictures...(My husband suggested I wait another two weeks then all I would have to do is change the year!) Maybe I'll actually update more than once this year... Still waiting for spring/summer to arrive. This will be the first mothers day without my mother. She died Feb 18 after celebrating her 90th birthday last July.

Mom and Dad on Mom's 90th Birthday
Stuart and I were in Edmonton for a week in July for the party
So what other exciting things have I done since last May?
I took a hydraulic press class at William Holland in Sept... I've owned a cheap automotive press for a couple of years... but really didn't know how to use it...
We went to Edmonton for Christmas
I took my painting with fire teacher certification in Tucson in Feb... and tried very hard not to buy out the vendors...

we spent a few days in the mountains after tuscon.. unlike the rest of NA Arizona had a snow free winter Gord and I in Prescott (there should have been 2 feet of snow...

We went to the UK and Spain in April of this year, we've been home for three weeks and the weather has been horrid! The entire winter was horrid! Islay ... we celebrated my husbands 65th birthday by going to Islay to drink Scotch

Me ....

Then we flew to Tenerife and rented a sailboat... we hit the one week of the year that they had no wind.. so we had a motoring holiday

Typical Canary Island scenery.. everything was steep terraces can't imagine trying to work in those fields!

This is a tower on La Gomera which is where Columbus set off from on his voyage(s) to the New World
back home now the gallery will be opening for the season mid June, but if your on the island I'm usually here so drop in!

May 24 2013-
Oooh haven't been here for awhile.. I do post on blogger most weeks Islandgirls Insights though. Actually I have been here all spring.. no holidays, decided to stay home this spring so that I could work in the garden and get rid of all the evil weeds that grow here. However so far this spring we have had one day that was both warm and dry enough to work in the yard. The weather has been cold when it was sunny and miserable when it's raining or foggy.. Today it is cold and rainy the forecast for the weekend is even colder and rainy.... So much for spending the spring in NB... one of my dumber ideas! I actually have 4 tulips blooming this year, I guess even the deer are staying home!
Last week we spent 3 days in Halifax picking up stock for the gallery, I have bunches of lovely new pottery... but I wouldn't come shopping on Deer Island when it was this miserable either!

Dec 31 2012-
Happy New Year to Everyone and best wishes in 2013! We are currently buried under piles of snow after 2 back to back snow storms. We no sooner got the first one shoveled off the driveway when the second one (the one that was not forecast!) hit and filled the driveway in level with the lovely neat banks we made shoveling the first time! That's it enough snow for this winter!

Sept 4 2012-
Well today was the last daily day for the gallery... very weird summer I was either being run off my feet or didn't see anyone for weeks at a time. Weather had very little to do with it, unless it was too nice! I'll be open most weekends Starting Sept 29 Saturday and Sunday 11 - 4.

May 14 2012-
How time flies when your having fun.... Where have I been since the 22 of Feb..... Well.. I did spend 12 days in in Edmonton visiting family then I spent the next 4 days 'discussing' the whereabouts of our missing luggage with Air Canada... they kept telling me every morning that it was out for delivery and it never came.....We finally got our luggage back the day before we went to Halifax for Saltscapes.... I was helping out in a tourism booth there.... "Charlotte Coastal Regional Tourism Association (try and get that on the Payee line on a cheque!). I have no excuse for not 'ranting' in March... Except it's hard to make life exciting when all you are doing is working!
I've spent the last 10 days setting up the gallery for the summer... Think I will have a table set up outdoors on the July 1 - 4 weekend... My first annual "I bought to much Stock" SALE! Of course if it's pouring rain I'll have to rethink the dates!
Here's a few more of my torch fired enameled findings....

And... we managed to Deer Proof my magnolia this winter.... It has flowers!

So the Deer ate my lilies instead!

Feb 22 2012-
At the moment if you are using firefox on Windows you probably aren't reading this... as it no longer seems to work... unless you add "/page1.html" to "" or come in from a link on another page.... The computer 'guru' is suppose to be working on it.... but watching curling on TV has far more priority than fixing my web site!
Winter is almost over I hope... we have very little snow, but then have had very little most of the winter.. not sure what my plants will think of the lack of snow!
I've been playing with torch fired enamels this winter ... these are my latest..

Torch fired copper headpins.... I have these on Etsy... Not sure what I did right about that listing but they are getting more interest than anything else that I have ever listed.. Now if interest translates into sales... all will be well!

This is me playing at the moment they are still just pieces... some year they will become part of a pendant???
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