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New Beads! Peacock Beads made from Opal yellow, striking Yellow and swirls of R4 and Double Helix glass.... using the Cattwalk Puffy Pillow press and The Cattwalk Button Press Set $55.00 Canadian
New Beads! Hand formed tiles, moretti glass, with silver wire and silver foil, lots of twists to produce the perfect surfing waves..... SOLD
Encased Flower Garden Beads... Some have sold; most of these are currently available $17 Canadian
Shells and Beach glass
beads are lightly etched
Shells $9 each 'Beach Glass' $7 each
Starfish beads and MY bracelet.... Enquire for current availabilty
4 sets of beads. Enquire for prices or similar sets. 7 Scroll work hollows $42 Canadian.. everything else SOLD, thankyou...
Wave beads.... Picture the North Atlantic breaking over a typical East Coast Shale Beach and you get these beads.... with either a crow or a seagull in silhouette, set with 8 spacers (your choice of colour) $69 Cdn
These are my Calinete Ribbon beads, All you nead is the May pole to dance around!
Caliente Glass Ribbon beads, total length 8 cm $56 Cdn.
You can't make just 1 bunny
Bunny Heads $12 each. Pick your favourite from the lineup.
Bunnies #3 and #4 are sold
Hearts, Hearts, Hearts
$9 to $15 (Some have sold... enquire)
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