Sister Sarah wanted to go to the charity ball sooo badly, but she only had one of her glass slippers (aka mules) left after one was broken at the last ball , but that’s another story.

So Sarah started roaming the streets near the convent. One evening she saw a woman making glass beads. Now Sarah realized she would never find another mule that matched her original, so when she saw this poor destitute bead maker warming her fingers over her torch while she was winding glass onto rods to make beads, Sarah thought, "I bet she could make me a shoe out of beads and glass rods that would be suitable for the charity ball".

Sarah asked, and sure enough the beadmaker was happy to oblige. She bent to the task, flames sizzled, glass crackled and glass bent in the satanic glow from the annealing kiln, then, ZIPPO-PRESTO! The glass slipper appeared! Sister Sarah had her mule.


The mule skinner is a glass artist who is familiar with most facets of glass, except blowing.

Materials: Glass Beads, (new & recycled) Glass rods, Sheet glass, wire , Coat hanger, Inner tube, (silicon, solder)

Techniques: Glass Beadmaking (lampworking), wire work, Fusing, Slumping, Destroying Beads, ……

Size: 6 1/2