Felting, knitting, etc

Madeline... complete with 4 colour dreads...
She thinks I need to get to work and get her a better jewellery selection in the gallery!...
She also thinks I need practice as a tattoo artist!

Knitted Christmas Bells
These are in various stages of felting... drying
Yes they do have real little bells inside them!
The custom bell drier is a jar with a golf ball on top!

G's new slippers, forgot the before felting picture!
But they took almost an hour to felt...
including all the time they were out of the washer, dripping back and forth between the washer and G's feet...
He didn't like having to stand in them on a towel after I decided they were small enough!
(He wasn't into cold soggy slippers!)

My first attempt at Needle felting!
He started as a bag full of Rovings and 3 pipe cleaners
I bought 'the kit' on Roanoke Island last fall
He still needs his cape embroidered

Emmy's felted bed... complete with cat...
2pre felting pics and one post
(Normally he hangs out the sides, think the walls need whale-bone stays to hold them up!)

Latest felting project.... a before and after... the knitted cuff is sewn in after felting

My wall of wool!

What I spent my fall doing... This actually ended up as my hat since it matched the jacket I bought at LL Bean perfectly! The one on the left is pre felting, they take about 15 minutes to felt and two or three days to dry and shape,
(with no mistakes I can now knit one in about 260 minutes)

Sweater with flame worked glass buttons, Buttons have two holes, the mandrels were held in 'place ' with a wooden dowel and plasticine.... In one of my former lives I designed and knit sweaters....
It was windy that day!